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Post Officers for the year beginning July 1

The votes are in! Your Post Officers for the year beginning July 1, are:

Commander, David England

1st Vice, Roberto Santana

2nd Vice, Aaron Chamberlain

Adjutant, Tina Walker

Finance Officer, Paul Schorr

Chaplain, Wille Walton

Service Officer, Bruce Perry

Historian, Ron Ebright

Sgt. At Arms, Jeff Holaday

The Post Trustees are: Ed Wilhoite 3 years, Wayne Dennis 2 years. and Mike Leers 1 year. There is a big disappointment in that only 55 members out of 640 plus members voted. We have got to do better than that. We also have to get better in the number of people willing to run for office and serve this great Post of ours. One of the ways for a Post to die is for no one willing to serve it. More on this topic at a later time.

For God and Country – Commander Dave

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