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Legion Hall Rental Information:

The HALL at Post 283 is available for rental to the general public. The hall has a capacity of 200 persons and includes a full service bar, commercial kitchen, and band stage. Post 283 Legion Members receive a 25% discount on hall rentals.

The Pickerington Legion has upgraded its HVAC system by adding an Air Sterilization complete UV light unit. The UV light unit was installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower. UV lights are used for germicidal use in hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores. They have been shown to kill and sterilize the air within an HVAC system. In addition, UV germicidal lights are known to kill viruses of many kinds, including COVID-19, commonly called coronavirus.


Rest assured your Pickerington Legion has taken additional steps to safeguard your health for Hall Rentals.

Hall Cost (Subject to change)

Bartender 20/hr  - No use of lounge bar allowed

Hall Use Kegs             $175

Kitchen for Prep          $75

Full Kitchen                 $150

Linen rental                 $30/per table

4 hour rental                $600

6 hour rental                $750

Hourly rental                $175

**Members not allowed to enter lounge for the purpose of buying drinks for party. If party desires drinks - bartender rental required.

Legion Shelter Rental Information:

The Outdoor Shelter at Post 283 is available for rental to the general public.  For small short parties (1-2 hours family size) the Shelter is available to Post Legion Members for FREENo alcohol is allowed in the shelter area.

Shelter Cost (Subject to change)

Small short parties = Free for Post 283 Members

Large parties: $75/hr + $50 refundable deposit if cleaned & trash removed

4 hour rental  $200

6 hour rental  $300

**In general, a "small" party is a family size group for a meal time (1-2 hours). Failure to clean and trash removal will revoke privilege.  No alcohol allowed in shelter area.

Please add in subject line "Rental" for faster response.

Include Hall or Shelter, date requested, time frame, and if you are a Legion member in message field please.

Thank you - for faster service you may TEXT ONLY (614) 579-1704

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