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July Food & Entertainment Lineup

Legion Members –

Here is the July lineup for your Legion. A special note is July 31st is the annual Geno Memorial Run by your Legion Riders. The night is topped off with our favorite house band – The Smokin Ham Band!!

July 9th

Schmidt's Food Truck 5pm

Entertainment: Matthew Scott 7pm

July 14th

Auxiliary Cookout 5pm

July 16th

Hacks Sliders Food Truck 5pm

Entertainment: Big Chuck's Music Bingo 6:30pm

July 18th (Sunday monthly draw)

Real Smoke Food Truck 3-6pm

July 23rd

Entertainment: Dwayne Haggy 7pm

July 30th

Entertainment: Rendition 7pm

July 31st

Geno Memorial Run (All Day)

Smokin Ham Band 7pm.

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