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2021-2022 Election Results

Legion Members - Election results as follows:

47 Total Voters

Commander: Vote Count

Paul Schorr 25

Rick Donovan 22

First Vice Commander:

Mike Leers 40

Second Vice Commander:

Danny Dickerson 41


Aaron Chamberlain 42

Finance Officer: (Write ins)

Fast Eddy 1

Paul Schorr 2

Dave England 1

Dick Schultz 1

Steve Esber 26

Service Officer:

Bruce Perry 40

Sergeant at Arms:

Jeff Holaday 44

Brad Fulfs 2


Ron Ebright 41


Dave England 39 Trustee Nomination from the floor

Mike Neal 14

Wayne Dennis 7

We want to thank our nominating committee members are Gene Bednarski, Gene McManus, and Dave Stiles.

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